We <3 Vinyl

by Teder | 28.09.14

O Vinyl, How we love thee! Everybody’s talking about Vinyl’s huge comeback, making more sales than ever and showing that even in this day and age, digital isn’t everything. We can try and understand why exactly is vinyl getting so much love again – Is it the sound quality? The size of the album cover? Or maybe it’s the fact that in the age of various clouds and mobile devices, it’s nice to own something physical you can actually hold and look at (and take instagram pics of). Or – we can just do something about it and put out a record, a book about records and a record fair. Option 2 sounds the most promising. and this is why Teder is joining forces with Puma for “Puma <3 Vinyl”, a special collaboration that brings many of our longtime dreams into fruition, all of them will be presented to the world next week! Firstly, we are extremely proud to present “Cover Story”, the first ever hardcover book made to chronicle the history of Israeli Vinyl and Album covers. Curated by Ofer “Schoolmaster” Tal and Eran Litvin and designed by Studio Harel & Maayan, the book documents more than 300 records with beautiful cover designs, and includes in-depth articles telling their stories and the story of Israeli music.

But we couldn’t just make a book about Israeli vinyl. We had to make some of our own. This is why we present “Tel Aviv Consortium Vol. 1” – a compilation EP presenting some of Tel Aviv’s best and freshest talents – The crispy funk of Kutiman, the hazey beats of Rejoicer, the deep grooves of Red Axes and the fresh style of Lava Dome. This vinyl is limited edition so make sure to preorder right here!

Both of these amazing new products (trust us, they came out great) will be sold in our pop-up record store that will be open for a week only in the Heder from october 4th-11th.

To close off all this Vinyl madness, we will present the Teder Record Fair – a bigger and better version of the (very successful) fairs we’ve been holding at Port Sa’id for the past few years.

So make sure you leave your Ipods home and head over to Teder this week for some true vinyl love and affection.

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