Happy New Ears!

by Teder | 21.09.14

If you’ve been living in Israel for while, you’ve probably heard the phrase “Ahrei Ha’Hagim” – “After the Holidays”, a common saying referring to this problematic time at the beginning of the Jewish new year, where nothing gets done because of a row of holidays forcing everyone to take vacations. We at Teder are not waiting for after the Holidays, because we got too much good stuff made especially for them – events that will make your ears and feet very happy.

Firstly, for Rosh Hashana, Teder favs Red Axes are taking over for a day full of goodies including a special jam session with a very special guest named Israel Gurion. For those who don’t know – for the past 5 years, Red Axes have been one of the hottest and hard working electronic duos in town. Their musical journey started with New Wave and Post Punk, through techno and disco and today with added elements of rock. It has become as impossible to describe their music as it is to resist shaking your ass to it. Israel Gurion is also famous for being part of a duo – The Dudaim (Gurion and Benny Amdursky, Father of rock star Asaf Amdursky), which were the Simon and Garfunkel of Israel during the 60’s, and are considered one of the founding fathers of Israeli rock.

This unlikely combination of old and new Telavivian talents will be the main event in our Rosh Hashana extravaganza, curated by the Red Axes themselves. It will feature a reunion show by indie pioneers Katamin, a vinyl and CD shop, and a mini-mega-club party in the Heder. For more details click here.

Two Days later, Teder will help you get ready for Yom Kippur. During the whole saturday, Teder will host the second installment of Bikefest where you can bring your set of wheels for a special “pimp-my-bicycle” makeover at ground prices. If that doesn’t wash away your sins we don’t know what will!

More On Teder:
On Teder.fm – We know it’s hard for you to wait every week for our blog post here at Telavivian. Why don’t you check the Teder Blog and work on your Hebrew while you’re at it?
In the Heder – After the Red Axes takeover and Bikefest, the Heder will host a special sale by the geniuses of Paperwallet! Come get yours.
In the archives – Cohen@Mushon, Tel Aviv’s favourite Hip Hop group, broadcasts the “ClassiKaletet” show every other week, bringing some pure hip hop vibes to our van – live freestyles included. Check them out here.

P.S – Our Kitchen is renewing itself once more, hosting our friends from Pundak De Lux, specializing in American style BBQ and such. Anything that goes well with beer is good by us.

Red Axes Pic - (c) Nufar Tagar (1) (2)

Photos by Ben Kirschenbaum (top) and Nufar Tagar (bottom).


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