Krakow? Krak-wow!

by Teder | 14.09.14

The main purpose of Teder is to pop up in Tel Aviv every summer, but every now and then we like to pop up somewhere else in the big wide world. In the past 5 years Teder has visited Tokyo, St. Petersburg and Krakow, spreading the Tel Aviv vibes and connecting with local like-minded scenes.

In Tokyo and St. Petersburg we created the full Teder experience – a pop up bar in a fresh location broadcasting live radio. Krakow, which was the last location we visited last June, was a little different. In collaboration with the Jewish Culture and Music Fest (which is held Krakow every year and is much more than a bunch of old Jews playing the fiddle: more than 30,000 people visit it every year to see shows, parties, lectures and screenings) we created the Teder Weekender – A weekend of live shows and DJ sets by the Teder crew and extended family including Fortuna Sound System, Red Axes, Niv Ast, Liron Amram and more, who shared the stage with local polish talent. Needless to say, it was intense. The nights ran late, the people were beautiful and the Zubrowka flowed like water. To make sure we remember everything we created a short clip that sums the amazing Krakow experience:

Why are we telling you this, you ask? Because this coming weekend our friends from Krakow – DJs Kornelia, Kuba and Burn Reynolds – are coming to Tel Aviv for a special reunion night! with shows and sets by the Teder X Krakow alumni: Kutiman will host a live Jam session on the steps while Walter, Egozy, Radiotrip and Markey Funk will play the van along with our polish buddies. The legendary Asaf Doktor will make special Polish-themed food in the kitchen. Pojawią się tam!

More On Teder:
On Teder.fm – Do you know Radiotrip? Tel Aviv’s leading record diggers always have something groovy and dusty up their sleeves. Tune in to their show this Monday!

In the Heder – The Heder will host a pop up “Asufa” design shop, with a special Back to School sale and a “Shana Tova” Greeting Card Fair on Saturday.

In the archives – We might be a bunch of jaded DJs but we still love acoustic music. Check out the recording of the Teder Unplugged showcase we did a week ago, with some of our favorite guitar/ukulele heroes.

* When you visit us, make sure you take a sip of our house drink – the Teder Slushie, containing Vodka, pineapples and a bunch of other good stuff. Watch out, it will get you very drunk.

Photo by Ben Kirschenbaum


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