Pleased to meet you, we are Teder

by Teder | 09.09.14

Pleased to meet you, we are Teder – your favorite local pop-up radio/bar, coming to you live every night from Downtown TLV. We love good music, especially when it comes with some great food, alcohol and company. We also like our share of art and design. We decided to open a spot that combines all of these, so we can have a place to hang during the hot summer months. But only during summer. In the winter we prefer sleeping.

So far this summer has been very good to us, but we are definitely not ready to bid it farewell. Luckily, Tel Aviv is going to remain hot and sticky at least until October and that means our good times at Teder are still not over. That being said, if you haven’t had the chance to drop by, you better do it now before the season ends and we all go back to being pumpkins!

But let’s come back to the here and now. As usual, this week at Teder is going to be full of treats for your ears, eyes and taste buds. On Thursday (9.11) Beit Romano is going to go back in time to the glorious 90’s – the decade that shaped our hearts, minds and musical tastes. While the van will be broadcasting back-to-back shows about the musical revolutions of the era (Golden Age Hip Hop, Grunge-Rock, House-Techno, Trip Hop and IDM) the back room will be dedicated to the most randomly hilarious Pop culture moments and guilty pleasures – Ren & Stimpy, Married With Children, Backstreet Boys and Comedy Store all rolled into one weird room. Come for the nostalgic experience, stay because you’re drunk and happy.

More On Teder:
On Teder.fm – Every tuesday on 11pm, the Raw Tapes gang invades our van and turns it into a hot-box, but don’t worry, even if you don’t smoke, their super broken beat sets will get you high enough.
In the Heder – This weekend, Heder will feature a unique collaboration with the now mythological “Af” underground magazine, straight outta Jeru. Click here for details.

In the archives – The Israeli 70’s icon Uzi Navon has been long forgotten in Israeli culture, but we still feature the rare recordings of his radio show. Lovers of 70’s funk, synths and soft, deep narrations – Click here.


* After featuring the mexican freshness of “El Flaming Taco”, the soul soothing sandwiches made by Effi and the gourmet market food of Yahaloma, our pop-up kitchen will host the one and only Asaf Doktor, owner of the “Achim” restaurant and the Carpaccio Bar. We don’t just trust this man with a cut of lamb, we trust him with our lives.

* Follow us on instagram @tederfm and follow our misadventures! This time our account is being taken over by Ben Kirschenbaum the photographer / ladies man.

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